Jena Bioinformatics Core Facility

We aim to develop a bioinformatics core facility in Jena to provide high-quality standard techniques and computational analyses.

Involved People

Computational Biology and Data
Wet Lab

What could the core facility do?

Genome & Transcriptome
  • Analysis of RNA-Seq data (transcriptomics)
  • Analysis of DNA-Seq data (genomics, e.g. SNP calling)
  • Analysis of CLIP- and ChIP-Seq data (interactomic)
  • Analysis of bisulfite data (epigenetic)
  • Alternative splicing analysis
  • Genome and transcriptome assembly (de novo and reference based)
  • Nucleic acid secondary structure prediction
  • Protein and non-coding RNA annotation
  • Annotation and analysis of metagenome- and metatranscriptome
  • Biomarker prediction
  • Analysis of single-cell data
  • Analysis of long-read NGS data (Nanopore, PacBio)
  • Network and pathway analysis
  • Biomarker prediction
  • Metabolic network analysis
  • Analysis of mass spectrometry imaging data
  • Molecular dynamics of homologous models (e.g. membrane proteins)
  • Metabologenomics and -transcriptomics
  • Drug target identification
  • Optimizing biotechnological processes
Data, Computation & Availability
  • Research data management
  • Data-life-cycle concepts
  • Data integration
  • High performance computing [Martin Bücker]
  • Web services (development of R servers with publicly available shiny apps) [Thomas Bocklitz | Manja Marz]

Available technologies & platforms