Manja Marz

Room: N0805
Phone: +49 3641 9 46480

Short CV

Manja Marz
*May 06 1981, Leipzig, Germany
Married with Michael Marz since 2007.
Mother of three children (2006,2011,2013).

Studies of Biology, Computer Science and Bioinformatics
Undergraduate degrees: Biology (2001), Computer Science (2002)
Diploma: Biology (2005), Computer Science (2006)

Dr. rer. nat: Bioinformatics (2009)
Postdoctoral assistant, RNA Bioinformatics Group Leader of Philipps-University of Marburg (2010-2012)
Juniorprofessor for High Throughput Methods, Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena (2012-2015)
Professor for High Throughput Methods, Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena (since 2015)

Founding member of “Zentrum für Altersforschung” Jena (07/2013)
Founding member of “Michael-Stifel-Zentrum Jena” (MSCJ) for Data-Driven and Simulation Science (04/2015)

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Go is the oldest board game.
In 2003 I learned Go in Edinburgh (Scotland).
Since 2005 tournaments have been part of my life.
Now, I am 4 dan, teaching a lot of beginner groups all over Germany.
I distribute Go in kindergardens and primary schools.

Currently, I write a Go book for children between 3-5 years and
translate a Taiwanese children Go book into German and English (5-8 years).
Some tournament results