The RNA World

formerly hosted by Leibniz Institute for Age Research – Fritz Lipmann Institute Jena.

The RNA World Website provides a collection of links to RNA-related information. It was launched in 1995 and has been maintained over the years by Jürgen Sühnel affiliated with the Leibniz Institute for Age Research – Fritz Lipmann Institute (FLI), formerly known as Institute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMB), located in Jena/Germany. From now on, responsibility is taken over by Manja Marz.

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Sequences, Secondary structures, Other

Three-dimensional structures (coordinates and images)


Web Tools


  • 3DNA (Versatile package for analyzing and rebuilding 3-dimensional nucleic acid structure)
  • Bielefeld RNA Studio (Multiple tools for RNA analysis from Bielefeld)
  • CARD (RNA secondary structure drawing)
  • ERPINEasy RNA Profile IdentificatioN
  • Freiburg RNA Tools (Prediction of RNA-RNA interactions, exact RNA matching and RNA alignments)
  • INFERNAL (Inference of RNA secondary structure alignments)
  • Mc-Sym (Molecular modeling using constraint satisfaction)
  • NAMOTNucleic Acid MOdeling Tool [for Linux 32/64, Unix 32/64 bit, Mac OS]
  • PKNOTs (RNA pseudoknot prediction)
  • QRNA (ncRNA genefinder)
  • RALEERNA ALignment Editor in Emacs
  • RNABOB (Pattern searching for RNA secondary structures)
  • RNAdraw
  • RNAMLview/RNAView (Generates 2-dimensional displays of RNA/DNA secondary structures with tertiary interactions)
  • RNA Movies (Visualizing RNA secondary structure spaces)
  • RNAMotif
  • RnaViz (secondary structure drawing of RNA)
  • SStructView (RNA secondary structure Java applet)
  • tRNAscan-SE (tRNA detection in large-scale genome sequences)
  • Vienna RNA package (RNA secondary structure prediction and comparison)
  • Yammp (modeling and refinement of low-resolution nucleic acid models)