The soapbox master

Our group is constantly growing and just recently a lot of new members have been joining the team. That’s a good reason to get to know each other a bit better. And since we all know each other quite well already, we had to come up with some special questions, to find out the (darkest / sweetest / coolest / …) secrets about each other. And we don’t want to keep them from you.

Let’s start with Flo or as I will call him from now on (spoiler alert): the soapbox master 🙂

Florian Mock
Flo checking his fridge for parmesan.

Who is your favourite scientist and why?
This is Harald Lesch. Who else has the ability to teach astrophysics to a teeny at 3 o’clock in the morning, half-drunk after a party?

How would you describe the perfect job? Would it be the same if money is not an issue?
Varied research with free choice of topics, with a motley bunch of enthusiastic creative researchers.
If money were no object I’d probably do this half the year and travel the world the rest of the time. 😀

What was the most naive thing you thought about science?
That it was about knowledge, not money.

On what topic could you give a 30-minute presentation without any preparation?
The evolution of soapboxes in children’s own construction with pain reduction as the target function.
Or: “Why do I even need a steering wheel and brakes?”

What is your favourite way to spend a day off?
Being out in nature, maybe hiking, climbing or biking.

What should never be missing from your fridge?
Haha, I like the question! Probably Parmesan.

Is your glass half full or half empty?
half full

How old would you like to become?
Puh, 100 years sound alright.

When was the last time you climbed on a tree?
I think last fall, when trying get the best walnuts.

What are you currently learning?
Making better sauces.

What do you think everyone should try at least once?
Touching your own nose with your tongue.

If you could create a new invention, what would it be?
A upload button for knowledge and skills for my brain.

If you had a warning label, what would yours say?