This is a list of former members and finished theses of our lab. People marked * continue working in the group at the next stage.

Kevin Lamkiewicz (PostDoc till 2023)
Akash Srivastava (PostDoc till 2023)
Franziska Aron (TA till 2023)
Daniel Desirò (PhD thesis 2022)
Florian Mock (PhD thesis 2022, master thesis 2017)
Nata Söllner (bachelor thesis 2022)
Thomas Kurt Lingl (master thesis 2022)
Kirsten Göbel (master thesis 2022, bachelor thesis 2019) 
Nathalie Demme (bachelor thesis 2022)
Sandra Triebel (master thesis 2022, bachelor thesis 2019)*
Alexander Henoch (master thesis 2021)
Jannes Spangenberg (master thesis 2021, bachelor thesis 2019)*
Raquel L. Costa (PostDoc till 2021)
Wittaya Chaiwangyen (PostDoc till 2021)
Nelly Mostajo (PhD thesis 2021, master thesis 2014)
Maximilian Collatz (PhD thesis 2021)
Sarah Krautwurst (master thesis 2021)*
Sophie Büttner (bachelor thesis 2021)
Roula Marie Peekhaus (bachelor thesis 2021)
Alicia Christina Hiemisch (master thesis 2020)
Maria Schreiber (bachelor thesis 2020)
Michaela Unger (bachelor thesis 2020)
Muriel Ritsch (master thesis 2020, bachelor thesis 2017)*
Lisa-Marie Tessmer (bachelor thesis 2020)
Maximilian Arlt (master thesis 2020)
Fleming Kretschmer (master thesis 2020, bachelor thesis 2017)
Diana Maria Morales Prieto (PostDoc till 2020)
Martin Hölzer (PostDoc till 2020, PhD thesis 2018)
Michéle Kayser (master thesis 2020)
Rebekka Köhl
Lasse Faber (master thesis 2019)
Daria Meyer (master thesis 2019)*
Akash Srivastava (PhD thesis 2019)*
Emanuel Barth (PhD thesis 2019, master thesis 2014, bachelor thesis 2012)*
Christian Blumenscheit (master thesis 2019)
Javed Iqbal
Konstantin Riege (PhD thesis 2019, bachelor thesis 2015)
Lisa-Marie Barf (master thesis 2019)
Andreas Goral (master thesis 2018)
Marie Lataretu (master thesis 2018)*
Daniel Loos (master thesis 2018)
Ruman Gerst (master thesis 2018, bachelor thesis 2015)
Valentin Wesp (bachelor thesis 2017)
Adrian Viehweger (master thesis 2017)
Stefan Koch (master thesis 2017
Sebastian Krautwurst (master thesis 2017)*
Markus Fricke (PhD thesis 2016)
Simone Wälde (bachelor thesis 2016)
Insa Kersten (master thesis 2016)
Alexandra Morscher (bachelor thesis 2015)
Bastian Seelbinder (bachelor thesis 2015)
Michael Gaspar
Sam Sharifi
Holger Bierhoff
Andreas Greifenstein
Lena Gauthier
Bertram Vogel
Marc Kriegbaum (student assistant 2015)
Abdullah Sahyoun (student assistant 2015)
Stefanie Wehner (Phd thesis 2014)
Nicolas Wieseke
Ralf Schmidt (master thesis 2014)
Joaquin Vierna
Magdalena Stock
Eugen Bauer (master thesis 2014)
Jana Jaeck (student assistant 2014)
Stephan Kanter (bachelor thesis 2014)
Marcus Lechner (PhD thesis 2014)
Silvia Müller (bachelor thesis 2013)
Luise Modersohn (bachelor thesis 2012, student assistant 2012/2013)
Cornelia Mühlich (bachelor thesis 2012)
Franziska Klincke (master thesis 2012)
Marco Blickensdorf (student assistant 2012/2013)