Ana’s goodbye

Ana Jordán was visiting our Lab for two months to learn bioinformatic skills, specifically, to learn how to obtain the secondary structures of the RNA and how to interpret them, with the objective of knowing if we are altering important regions when we introduce mutations in the HIV-1.

“Coming from Barcelona and changing the laboratory for the computer was challenging at the beginning. But the truth is that I have been very lucky of being part here of a very dynamic group that have been very helpful and also are very good at their job, so I can say that I have been learning from the best.
Everything I have been taught and the results we have obtained are very interesting and my return to Barcelona is going to be full of new ideas to perform in the lab and to continue collaborating.
Thank you Manja for letting me come here and be part of your group; Kevin and Marie for being patience, showing and teaching me the world of bioinformatics; and thanks to everyone else for the good shared moments in the office and out of it.”

~ Ana ~

Thank you Ana! It was nice having you here and good luck for your future!

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