Kons successfully defended his PhD thesis

His carefully crafted PhD hat featuring Perl and twins.

We congratulate Konstantin for his successful PhD thesis defense. During the last years, Kons investigated how to annotate non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) and how to improve their identification and classification.

NcRNAs are important regulatory RNA molecules that are involved in nearly all cellular processes, but are not translated into a protein. Compared to other achievements in the RNA world (mRNAs, tRNAs, …), the discovery of ncRNAs is still young and their functions are not always described.

Kons developed Gorap, a pipeline to quickly annotate genome sequences with different classes of ncRNAs. Not only does he combine several state-of-the-art tools for specific ncRNA classes, but further developed his own methods and thresholds for filtering and determining the correct class a potential novel ncRNA belongs to.

We say goodbye to a high-valued colleague and friend and wish Kons all the best for his future career and of course with his two baby-twins.

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