Meet us in Ulm

Photo by Aron Yigin on Unsplash

Sandra, Sarah, Kevin, Muriel, Noriko, and Manja are going to Ulm for the 32nd Annual Meeting of the Society for Virology.

Meet them at their posters:

  • P088 — Challenges in RNA secondary structure prediction of complete viral genomes. Sandra Triebel
  • P100 — A (r)evolutionary perspective on RNA-protein interactions – co-alignments of viral RPIs. Sarah Krautwurst
  • P116 — ViralClust – automatic selection of taxonomic representative viral genomes. Kevin Lamkiewicz
  • P154 — VirJenDB – the virus genome database based at FSU Jena. Noriko Cassman
  • P275 — Nonretroviral RNA viruses integrated into the human genome. Muriel Ritsch
  • P359 — Recombination events in closely related viruses challenge short-read mapping tools. Kevin Lamkiewicz