We love formulas!

One feature of almost every scientist is the fact that even after work, you still live in the world of science. For example by sitting together with friends talking about formulas on your Sunday afternoons; and maybe by sharing it with the world resulting in a podcast with the wonderful name “Die drei Formeltiere” (The Three Formula Animals).

That’s why Franzi meets once a month with two other scientists: Florian, the astronomer and author, and Johannes, the computer scientist and cartoonist. They sit together, discussing a new formula in each episode. That’s boring, you think? Well, don’t worry: they do not constantly ramble about numbers, variables, and equations but rather use each formula as an opportunity to chat about all sorts of science topics: from infinity over climate change to viruses.

As the name already implies, the podcast is in German. If you are interested, check out their homepage or use your favorite podcast program to subscribe to the feed.

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