Meet us in Düsseldorf

The day after tomorrow, the 29th Annual Meeting of the Society for Virology in Düsseldorf is starting and you can meet all our virus loving lab members there. Meet Sebastian, Kevin, Daniel, Martin and Sarah and have a talk for example during the poster session. Basti will present the Coronavirus Nanopore PrePrint about direct RNA sequencing of the Human Coronavirus 229e. Kevin will present a new pipeline which allows viral sequences to filter for representative viruses, but also to generate a structure-based genome alignment. Daniel will present his tool for analyzing long-range RNA-RNA interactions in viral genomes and structured RNAs. Martin will present his work on bat transcriptomes and their alteration in IFN-stimulation or virus (RVFV) infection. And Sarah will present her analysis of RNA secondary structures upstream of coronavirus genes.

Check also our new posters page, where you can download the pdf files in case you cannot make it to the meeting.

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