The same procedure as every year

Again, we have visited the “Most Romantic Lake in the World” not for Valentine’s Day, but for the TBI Winterseminar. Almost the whole group went to Bled, sLOVEnia, to enjoy a week full of scientific discussions, hiking, sun, and growing (even closer) together. We went on a hike around the lake enjoying the breathtaking panorama, a hike to the Bled castle, and a hike to the unique scenery of the Peričnik waterfall. We did some AcroYoga at the lakeside, cooked cheese-and-leek-soup in a meaty, vegetarian and vegan version for all conference participants, recovered in the sauna, enjoyed the extensive hotel breakfast and stayed up late talking, drinking beer and wine and playing games. It was a pleasure — as every year!

And of course, there was also enough time for science, so the team provided talks on “How to use sequences in Deep Learning” (Florian), “Nanopore sequencing or short story about long reads” (Celia), “Diving into RNA-protein interactions” (Sarah), “Pan-genomes are the new reference genomes” (Lisa), “An Introduction to the Analysis of Ancient Sequencing Data” (Max), “Transcribed EVEs in Myotis lucifugus” (Muriel), “RNA methylation calling with nanopore sequencing” (Sebastian), “Reducing haystacks to needles: Comparative Genomics based on viral clusters” (Kevin), “Flexible RNA-RNA interactions in influenza A virus” (Daniel) and “Comparative mutli-tissue virus-host transcriptomics with Nextflow” (Marie).

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